About me

“There is more to this life than most people will experience”

Robert A Bass

About Robert

Robert is a Pastor, public speaker, and author located near Jacksonville, Florida. He is dedicated to encouraging others with the good news of Jesus. 

Robert and his wife, Carmen, founded Redeemed on Purpose, a business dedicated to equipping families with resources for a healthy life. He has authored three books with his most recent, Hidden Fruit. Before entering full-time ministry, he owned a  personal training business and was a Master-Certified Mercedes-Benz employee. 

He enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son. Robert recharges through sports and loves to play competitive tennis. 

Your ability to receive is determined by your capacity to give”

Robert Bass

Robert’s focus

First comes my relationship with God, It is more than what I say but how I truly live. I would not be here today without the saving grace of God. My wife Carmen and son Daniel are gifts that make me a better person.

“Authentic. His past experiences have uniquely positioned him to tell people about hope. He was a great guest, and I would highly recommend him.”

– Christian Writing

“The conversation with Robert was awesome! I love how passionate he is about seeing people fulfill God’s purpose. I highly recommend  him as a guest.”

– WOVE Inspiration